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Different Types of Loans

Different Types of Loans

A loan is a large amount of money that one borrows and thereafter pays back. This is a process that allows you to pay the amount back either immediately or over a longer period. Loans are thus a fixed amount that can reach increasingly high amounts.

The total amount of the loan that should be paid back at the end of the day changes depending on one’s income, credit history and your income to name but a few factors.

With many different types of loans, you can borrow, it’s important to know what options there are and, which are best suited for you.

Open-Ended and Closed-Ended Loans

Considered as loans that can be borrowed multiple times, both open-ended and closed-ended loans are some of the most popular loans people tend to make use of.

The most popular open-ended loans are credit cards and various lines of credit that both have a credit limit which only allows you to borrow a certain amount of money at one time. You can either make use of the entire credit limit or part of it when applying for this type of loan. With each purchase, your available limit will get less and less and as you make payments, your available credit in return will increase.

Close-ended loans are considered one-time loans and can thus only be borrowed once they’ve been paid. When making payments on these loans, the initial balance of it decreases. This doesn’t allow you to have any available credit. If ever you must borrow more money, you’ll have to apply for yet another loan when choosing this option. These types of loans most commonly include auto loans, student loans, and mortgage loans.


Secured and Unsecured Loans

Relying on both assets and collateral objects as a set value for a loan, a lender can take these as a cover for the loan.

A secured loans value will have to be confirmed before one can borrow it. In most cases, the lender only allows you to borrow a loan that equals to the value of the asset you provide them with.

Unsecured loans are the opposite of secured loans and do not require any asset to be used as collateral. An unsecured loan has higher interest rates and is generally harder to obtain as many can’t afford them while in debt. They also rely completely on your credit history, as well as your income. These are the two factors that allow you to qualify when applying for it.

Conventional Loans

Also referred to as a mortgage loan, conventional loans are those that are not insured by the government. In the U.S. those who oversee the general loan but not the conventional ones are the Federal Housing Administration, as well as Rural Housing Services and the Veterans Administration. These types of loans usually follow rules that are set by the Federal National Mortgage Association.

Some loans should be avoided

You might not think this to be true, but there are even some loans that should be avoided as they are run by individuals that take advantage of their consumers. These are usually payday loans which are short-term loans. These should be avoided at all cost, to avoid possible scams.

Day Trading Strategies for Beginners

Day Trading Strategies for Beginners

Day trading can be really beneficial and profit worthy profession. But to be a winner of this game, you need to be aware of certain things while starting off. Here they are:

The power of knowledge

Always take notes and do your homework before you get into the field. Keep a list of things you want to invest on and research about the opportunities. The power of knowledge must be used to its full extent.

Keep some money to the side

It is important to know that a successful day trader does not risk much of his capital during a trade. They usually stick to 1%-2% and it works out pretty well for them.

 Start small

Don’t lose focus by dabbling in too many things and try to be a master of a trade instead of jack of all of them. Stick to a couple of stocks when you’re starting off because you get better opportunities as you track and observe much more.

Distance from Penny Stocks

For a person looking for deals which aren’t very high and pricey, it is customary to be aware of avoiding Penny stocks. They do not have good chances of a win and are not even liquid.

Keep some time aside

Day trading is such a profession which calls for working the entire day. Markets must be tracked and opportunities must also be spotted while the life is running at a fast pace.


Timing is important for trades

It is always a smart move to play it safe when you’re starting off in this business. Try to just read and analyze how the market function instead of making any hasty moves. The prices are extremely volatile in the morning when the market just opens, while the middle hours see a fall in said volatility. The opportunities might be more but they aren’t guaranteed.

Cut the losses

You may either use limit orders or market order while you enter or exit trades. Limit orders help you trade much more precisely as you get to set your price for not just buying but also selling. The execution may not be guaranteed but the price is.

Stay cool

It is imperative to keep your emotions in check when you are looking to make money as a day trader. There are multiple occasions when your patience and calm will be under test, and these occasions need utmost logic to overcome.

Don’t lose focus

A rule for successful day trading is to act fast but not necessarily think fast. There has to be a practice of sticking to the formula they had developed and they do not deviate from this path very often.

Be real about profits to yourself

There are a lot of times when strategies do not translate into profits. The chances of them working is always at 50% or 60%. It is necessary to keep in mind that a winning idea is worth more than the loss on a losing strategy.


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